USCG Approved Tankerman

  Students who complete Houston Marine's four-day Tankerman - Dangerous Liquids (Barge) class will satisfy the Coast Guard requirement for Tankerman applicants to have completed an approved course in tank barge operations.

Additional requirements for obtaining a Tankerman certificate include completing an approved firefighting course, participating in a minimum number of transfers, and meeting physical standards, among others.

Among the topics covered in the 40 hour course are:
  • Cargo handling systems Auxiliary systems
  • Loading and discharging procedures
  • Stability and stress
  • Pollution prevention rules Emergency procedures
  • Safety precautions
  • Safe entry
  • Vessel response plans
  • Cargo hazards
  • Recordkeeping
  • Spill response
In conjunction with the approved Tankerman course, Houston Marine also conducts the required firefighting class and can help you with the application paperwork.

Tankerman PIC-Barge
Consists of 7 days of instruction. Five days of class cover Dangerous Liquids in lecture format. Two days cover Tankbarge Firefighting and are hands-on training conducted at the Fire Field.

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