USCG Approved And STCW-95 Compliant Bridge Resource Management

A team of professional licensed Mariners teaches the Houston Marine 3-Day Bridge Resource Management Course (A.K.A. Bridge Teamwork Procedures). The course will ensure you and your shipmates are properly prepared to work safely and successfully as a team, making the most effective and efficient use of all resources onboard. Upon completion you will have documented proof that you understand and can effectively apply procedures for bridge teamwork as an essential aspect of maintaining a safe navigation watch, taking into account the principles of bridge management.

The course covers Voyage Planning, Bridge and Watchkeeping Procedures, Effective Communications, Situational Awareness, Leadership and Response to Bridge Emergencies and many other subjects. The lessons are reinforced through actual case studies, working as a team to solve a survival scenario with fellow classmates and conducting personal behavior profiles as well as Rules of the Road Scenario and Test.

Upon successful completion of the course you will have satisfied the following USCG requirements:
  • 46CFR 10.205(o)
  • Seafarer's Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Code, Section B-VIII/2, Part 3-1
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