Deck Licenses

Houston Marine home study packages include:

The questions and answers that the Coast Guard uses to make the tests for your license, in software, Web-based study or book format.

A rules of the road book with flash cards.

A navigation text with step-by-step instructions on all the plotting techniques, with charts and tide current table excerpts like you will use to take your Coast Guard exam.

A book on all the general subjects filled with plain English explanations, illustrations, and review quizzes.

Coast Guard regulation reprints so you can practice the "look-up" questions with the same rules you will have in the exam room.

Plus toll-free instruction and support.

For 6-pack/100 ton (OUPV) students, a six-hour navigation videotape series and the two-hour Rules of the Road tape are included.

(note: not all the materials below are included for every license package)

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